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Communication, Security and Vitality

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The United States department of defense spent 11 billion dollars on communications in 2016. By all accounts that is a staggering figure, but it illuminates an important truth. State of the art security requires states of the art communication, and the more important the entity being protected, the more paramount its safety. You protect your family by installing an alarm system that can automatically communicate with the police should someone break in to your home. Our most important statesmen have around the clock security from secret service agents who are in constant communication with each other. It’s written in your DNA to protect what matters most.

When you examine the human body, the most protected parts by a significant margin, are your brain and spinal cord. They are wrapped in various layers of protective coverings, suspended in shock absorbing fluid, and finally encased in bones that you know as your spine and skull. The movement of these bones during everyday life is the language used by your spine to communicate to your nervous system what you are doing and how you are moving through your environment. Your nervous system then takes this information and uses it to effectively govern and regulate all your vital bodily functions. Put more simply, the movement of your spine keeps your brain functioning properly, and a properly functioning nervous system is required to live a vital and fulfilling life.

Various factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, excessive stress, and injuries from exercising or playing sports can lead to a break-down in the way your spine communicates with your brain and the way your nervous system functions. When this happens, it becomes impossible for your nervous system to function at a level that allows you to be your best you.

The primary goal of a chiropractor is to assess your spine for break downs in this communication and restore proper motion and function to your spine. This allows your nervous system to receive the necessary activation to keep you living your optimal lifestyle as you age. Protect what matters most and give your chiropractor a call today.

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