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Cool Things You Can Do with Your Brain

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Your amazing brain is responsible for all kinds of things, including of course, your thinking. It is responsible for memory, like how you remember your friends’ names, where your favorite snack is in the kitchen, or you’re A B C’s. But it also does logistical thinking and problem solving: “If I want Dad to take me to the movies this weekend, I better get my homework and chores done right now.”

Current research shows that thinking can also do some really remarkable things for your body. For example, studies have shown that you can build muscle just by thinking about it!!! In one study, one group of people actually exercised a finger, another group just thought about exercising the same finger, and a third group did nothing. At the end of 12 weeks, the group that exercised had an increase in strength of 53% and the group that did nothing at all had no increase in strength—which is what we’d expect. What is amazing is that the second group’s strength increased by 35% just by thinking about it! Now no one is suggesting that thinking is better than actually exercising, but it shows how powerful your brain is!

Other studies have shown that you can learn an instrument, lose weight, and generate heat just by thinking about it. These results make sense if you think about it. Have you ever had a scary dream and awakened either sweating or with your heart beating fast? What you were dreaming about (thinking about) wasn’t actually happening to you, but your body responded as if it was.

Thinking is done mostly by a part of your brain called the cerebrum. The cerebrum is the biggest part of your 3 pound brain and besides thinking, it also controls your voluntary muscles; muscles that you can make move intentionally. However, other parts of your brain are responsible for all kinds of other incredible things. Your cerebellum controls balance, movement, and coordination (that is how your muscles work together). Your brain stem controls and maintains your breathing. Your hypothalamus controls your body temperature. And your pituitary gland is responsible for your growing size. And all of this is absolutely AMAZING!!!

In fact, your brain is often compared to a computer. It controls all your body’s functions. But it doesn’t do that all by itself. If the brain is the computer then your nerves are the network that manages the signals and transmits the messages from the brain to each and every part of your body. This is precisely how the parts of your body know what to do and when to do it. Everything from the movement of your muscles, the pumping of your heart, the digesting of your food, and your ability to stay healthy, is all controlled by your brain and nerve system and mostly without your thinking about it.

If you want your body to function at its best, you need to have the communication between your brain and body functioning at its best. Your chiropractor can help you with that. He or she will check your spine
to ensure that the individual bones aren’t disrupting the function of your nerve system. The clearer your nerve system, the better the communication and the better YOU will be. THINK ABOUT THAT!!!
—By Judy Nutz Campanale, DC, ACP, FCSC (hon)

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