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Why Functional Neurology

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Functional neurology, aka chiropractic neurology, is a healthcare discipline that utilizes neuroplasticity and contemporary clinical neuroscience to both evaluate and rehabilitate patients that suffer from a complex neurological condition or simply want to optimize their performance. A comprehensive neurological examination is performed in order to determine which area of the nervous system is not functioning appropriately. A customized therapy program is then tailored to address each person’s individualized neurological dysfunction.

A functional neurology examination includes the evaluation of:
– Balance
– Eye movement
– Body movement
– Sensation
– Reflexes
– Cognition
– Gait
– Autonomics
– Coordination

The advantage of the functional neurological approach over a more traditional medical approach is that it allows for the treatment of the person rather then a disease. Many patients who seek functional neurology care have been down the traditional medical route with little to no results. They are experiencing a complex collection of symptoms that do not fit neatly into a classical medical diagnosis, and are offered minimal answers or hope. Functional neurology is not about addressing a diagnosis. It is about determining what is the functional state of an individual’s brain and how can that function be improved or optimized. This approach allows functional neurologists to work with patients that have received a wide range of diagnoses.

Conditions that patients have seen results with under the care of a functional neurologist include:
– Traumatic brain injury
– Post-concussive disorder
– Balance disorders/vertigo
– Complications due to a stroke
– Movement disorders
– Developmental disorders (Autism and Asperger’s)
– Learning Disabilities
– Complex regional pain syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
– Headaches/migraines
– Fatigue
– Peripheral neuropathy

If you are interested in learning more about functional neurology and how it can help you and your family achieve the quality of life you’ve always wanted, call Dr. Jacob Plasker at Plasker Chiropractic & Functional Neurology to schedule a free consultation.


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