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Don’t Let the School Year Let You Down

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School is officially back in session! Often the start of every school year comes with many kids and parents getting sick. Lots of kids in close quarters, stress from a new routine, school lunches lacking proper nutrition… it is hard to say why exactly this happens to so many people every year. One thing is for sure though, boosting your and your family’s immune system is the best way to prevent sickness or combat it.

The best way to boost your immunity is to follow your D.R.E.A.M.S! (yes it is a cheesy acronym but hear me out…)

D=Diet. Make sure you are eating real foods and staying away from processed foods (esp. sugar!). Incorporating fermented foods is a great way to give your immune system another boost! Our favorites are sauerkraut and kombucha.

R=Rest! Making sure you are getting enough sleep. Sleep is so important because it is a time when our body can use its resources to detoxify and integrate our daily stressors.

E=Exercise. The benefits of daily exercise are well documented. From lowering stress to increasing cardiovascular health and everything in between. Make sure you are exercising 3-5 times a week for 30 minutes or more.

A=Adjustments! Your nervous system and immune system are intricately connected. Making sure you are getting chiropractic adjustments so that your nervous system can function at its highest levels is important so that your immune system can also do it’s job most effectively.

M=Mindset. I’m sure everyone has heard the saying that our thoughts create our reality. If you think thoughts of sickness, disease, or ill health then your body will respond to make that your reality. If you think thoughts of healing, health, strong immunity then that is what will manifest in your body.

S=Stress, minimizing stress that is. Stress is a sneaky guy that wreaks havoc on our body’s and our health. Making sure you are doing everything in your power to minimize daily stressors is so important to living a healthy life. Following everything else on the DREAMS list is one of the best ways to minimize your stressors. Don’t forget about the chemical stressors in your life though. This is where minimizing toxic load in our beauty and personal care products comes into building our immunity.

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