Services We Provide

Chiropractic Care

Our office will provide you with the highest quality chiropractic care in a caring supportive environment. Whether you are in the middle of health crisis from a new injury or a chronic condition, or you are ready to make the critical transition to a healthier lifestyle, our team will work with you to help you and your family reach your health goals.

Functional Neurology

Functional neurology, aka chiropractic neurology, is a healthcare discipline that utilizes neuroplasticity and contemporary clinical neuroscience to both evaluate and rehabilitate patients that suffer from a complex neurological condition or simply want to optimize their performance. A comprehensive neurological examination is performed in order to determine which area of the nervous system is not functioning appropriately. A customized therapy program is then tailored to address each person's individualized neurological dysfunction.

Perinatal Chiropractic Care

Dr. Emily is Webster certified and a Birthfit Professional. Her approach to perinatal care is rooted deeply in the concepts of mindset, nutrition, connection, and exercise. Prenatal chiropractic care works with the body's innate ability to adapt and function. The goals of prenatal chiropractic care are: 1. Create balance and proper motion in the bony and soft tisssue structures of the pelvis to allow them to perform their role during birth. 2. Make sure that mom's nervous system is working optimally because this is the organ system that controls how your body functions and is the direct communication line to your baby in-utero. This gives baby the most room to grow and develop without restrictions to their precious spine and cranium and gives them the best chance of getting into the optimal birth position. Prenatal chiropractic care reduces the chances of dystocia, unnecessary birth interventions and associated birth traumas. Postpartum chiropractic care is vital for optimal healing and stability after the birth. Through gentle chiropractic care, the body is able to return to its normal alignment and tone and heal in this position. We would love to be a part of your birth team. Request an appointment today through our website!

Pediatric and Family Care

From newborn babies to 100-year-old seniors and everyone in between, our office provides gentle effective chiropractic care that can help everyone in your family heal quickly and function at higher levels of health. A difficult birth can cause trauma and underlying injury to your newborn's spine and central nervous system. As your child continues to grow and develop, their spine undergoes various levels of stress as they learn to walk, crawl, play and become involved in sports and activities. Many of these experiences result in interference to the nervous system of your child. With a chiropractic adjustment, a child's body can heal on its own, without drugs or surgery. The pressure and chiropractic techniques that we use are always age appropriate. We'll treat your child as our own – with love and patience. Once children have experienced the power of chiropractic, they're more in tune with their body and look forward to their chiropractic visits. Request an appointment for yourself or your entire family today.

Performance Based Care

Performance based care is for athletes of all ages and competitive levels who are ready to break through and take their performance to the next level. Contact our office today to request an appointment.

Healthy Aging

Your health and quality of life as you age will depend on the health of your spine and nervous system. If you would like to heal quickly from a current health crisis or increase your health and vitality to get more out of life, schedule an appointment today.