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How to Live a Happier Life

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It might sound extreme but, according to psychologists, thinking and talking about death and our own mortality doesn’t have to be morbid. We’re not suggesting the topic can be fun. However, it can offer some actual benefits and help us live a happier life. 

When it comes to living 100:100, at 100% for every day of your life, The 100 Year Lifestyle encourages you to make each moment of your life count. Why not take advantage of whatever tool or resource helps you to do that? 

Good Reasons

There are several good reasons for thinking and talking about death.

It can greatly improve our quality of life. Realizing we won’t live forever can motivate us to live life to the fullest. We’ll prioritize better, spending our time in ways that bring us joy, satisfaction, and gratification instead of just doing things we think we should be doing.
It can be a tool for living more authentically. We are more likely to align our goals with our values when we realize we don’t have time to waste.
It can help us prioritize what is important in our life and relationships. We might create greater compassion, empathy, and patience for others. Perhaps we could become more grateful and forgiving. Likely, we would spend our limited time more wisely, living in the present with a new appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. 

Death awareness can make us more comfortable with the notion of death. Thinking and talking about anything that makes us nervous or frightened will make us more comfortable over time. 

It can light a fire under us to take care of our health. Just about everyone realizes that the best way to push back death or illness is to actively maximize our healthy longevity. 

Maximizing Our Healthy Longevity

There are many key components to living your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle, at 100% for 100 years or more. Good nutrition, supportive relationships, and lifelong learning are just a few important areas. A healthy, long life requires a healthy lifestyle. 

Perhaps most importantly, a crucial element is remembering that it is indisputable that a healthy spine and nervous system are essential for a healthy, long life. For that, find a 100 Year Lifestyle provider near you. 


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