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There’s Something Going Around

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It’s that time of year again, when you can hardly get through the day without somebody saying that “there’s something going around,” whether it’s “the flu,” a “stomach bug,” or some other virus, including the most recent virus to make the news, the coronavirus. It’s interesting that it always seems to happen just after the holidays, when people have been overeating, not getting proper rest because of staying up late, and getting totally stressed out over money, parties and family members. Then, low and behold, here comes cold and flu season. Doesn’t it seem reasonable to think that when we don’t take care of ourselves we are more likely to get sick!?!

Let’s face it… there are germs EVERYWHERE!!! The truth is it’s not so much the germs and viruses that make us sick as it is our body’s ability to adapt to them (or not). If it were all about the germs, we would all be sick all the time!! But we’re not. Some people get sick while others, even in the same family living in close proximity, do not. In fact, at any given time way more people are healthy than are sick! We just don’t talk about the people who are well. Most of us are healthy though, and that’s because we are designed to be well. Healthy is the default setting for our bodies.

Your body has an immune system (not just one thing, but a whole system) that fights against invaders and helps you adapt to all sorts of things that you encounter in the environment. Your immune system is designed to monitor, recognize, and even remember the viruses that it encounters and to take action to eliminate them when one invades a healthy cell. The immune system does this by releasing chemicals that trigger virus-fighting cells which are then sent out to destroy the enemy. AMAZING!!

More importantly, many of the symptoms you experience when you have a cold or the flu are actually signs that your body is hard at work helping you to adapt. Many call it being “sick,” but it’s often actually a healthy body’s response to a particular situation. For example, chemicals released from cells may elevate body temperature to make an unsuitable environment for continued germ or virus growth (i.e., fever). A runny nose is actually your body’s way of washing germs from your nose and sinuses. Coughing and sneezing are both your body’s way of getting rid of thicker fluids that have been produced precisely to trap viruses. Even muscle aches and pains can simply be your body working hard to defend from foreign invaders.

Meanwhile, inside your body and unbeknownst to you, specialized cells are being produced and released to surround the offending germs or viruses and gobble them up. So when you think about it, all those things that happen to you when you say you are “sick” are really signs that you are healthy and adapting to whatever you have encountered.

Remember, your body is smart. Your body is strong. Your body is organized and your body is AMAZING under every circumstance!! It is constantly working to maintain you in existence and in the best manner possible. It does that by a sophisticated communication system between your brain and your body called your nerve system. Your nerve system controls every other system of your body including your immune system. So for your immune system to be its best, you need your nerve system to be its best and your family chiropractor can help you with that. Your chiropractor will make sure that your spine is well aligned so as not to disrupt the function of your nerve system so you can be your healthiest and most AMAZING YOU!!!





—By Judy Nutz Campanale, DC, ACP

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